Watch This Space [Between These Lines Not Dedicated]

photo by Heather Raquel Phillips

photo by Heather Raquel Phillips

In 1998, ixnay press published our first chapbook: 13, by our comrade-in-arms, Philadelphia poet Frank Sherlock.

We are ecstatic & electrified to announce that this spring, we will come full-circle & publish his full-length poetry collection, the truly exceptional Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated.

You can feel good about that.


Advance accolades:

Beginning in a thin line of short lines held broken by indentations, holding us something like together in this common indenture, wading through what we don’t want to be— “Ah this/sunrise/again on/a failed/paradigm”—waiting for some other thing, something more like together, Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated consecrates the little openings within which we prepare. This openness is given in our woundedness, where form arises, or spreads in periodic broadening, flipping the bird to the law it makes, because it can feel good in its own broken skin. I think I understand what Frank is saying: We are the form! We are the form of love! We wait for one another as the form of love! Frank Sherlock is a great poet and this is a great book.   –Fred Moten

Frank Sherlock is the author of Over Here, The City Real & Imagined (w/ CAConrad), and a collaboration with Brett Evans entitled Ready-to-Eat Individual. Por Aquí, a Spanish-language collection of works translated by Carlos Soto-Román, will be published in Chile in fall 2014. Poems beyond the page have found their forms in installations/performances/exhibitions, including  Refuse/Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, Kensington Riots Project, Neighbor Ballads, and B.Franklin Basement Tapes. Sherlock is a recipient of the 2013 Pew Fellowship in the Arts for literature.