Black Friday

Frank Sherlock & Carlos Soto-Román

Frank Sherlock & Carlos Soto-Román


by Jose Angel Cuevas
translated by Frank Sherlock & Carlos Soto-Román

For the two million credit cards circulating in the city
We must not give them any credit in our hearts

Nor to the upcoming Sales Temples with their / discounts / coupons
/ new releases / super / nothing at all

Nor within our minds / maybe / nothing / nothing

Would it be possible to stop those drugged and disenchanted armies
with Nike shoe boxes and little Urban Outfitters space hats / sunglasses
and Anthropologie silk skirts in the illuminated Major Markets?

Hey, what does it all mean in real terms?
A metaphysical satisfaction of the object / to be another in front of the mirror
The froth of having and getting / Alright

to climb up the social ladder / the logic of the system / to feel good about yourself /

But could we not get entirely into the game of the hysterical
the self psychosis / that old shitty game?

PLAY PRACTICAL JOKES ON THE SYSTEM / sick jokes, for example

What if we all declare stop-payments?
What if we stop buying things for a whole month?
What if we organize a mass withdrawal from the Social Security System (who makes capital
scratching our money day by day?)

What about the goddamn health insurance system / the blank checks
those filthy businesses in the life of the fellow man?


Only the TV broadcasts its own grunts / that pit of unreality

Imagine // perfumes / ointments / beers of all brands

tic-tac, tic-tac and you can pay your first installment next month!
Mountains of smoking items / and down payments in cash!

Well / Hollow Head, stop it! / Nazi Skin
Stop! Shoddy Hardcore / cool as shit
you solicit spare change / you’re soliciting spare change in the streets

No to the commercial spots, that fill the heads of the silent majority with garbage!

No more / No more.

A woman eating soap / asses bathed

in Coca-Cola / TV extras smelling armpits / models / producers / children

sales for the reinvention of the system / babies / old folks /

used as a yogurt image. Enough!


Do not buy anything today / not today / not today

Do not watch commercials today / no clearance sales / no special offerings
Not today / Not today
check yourself in the mirror / and in the large waves pounding

meditate on  / the shores of this bleeding country

the rivers, what are they saying? They are speaking to themselves


Follow this arrow
Meditate in the homes built from cardboard / rain

over the dry food / sheets, wet clothes

And you / go down in your thoughts / over the poverty line /

Repeat: The Bottom, The Badlands, Southwest Kensington,

Logan, Point Breeze, East Oak, West Oak

I am seeing here / I am seeing in me
sticks, mucous, leaks, dust /
sing your psalm and speak to your interior.
Close your eyes / imagine what you’re talking about.

And if you can go on, follow your mind to Rittenhouse / Society Hill

Avenue of the Arts / let’s turn / to Old City / and come back
again and again without a pinch of resentment
or the taste of bile / these are just representation exercises

and for those who run down Walnut Street / thieves / dancers /

dealers / think of the huge silence of the popular

masses /  these streets swept by semi-automatic weapons
The recent past. Conclude this meditation /

so let the TV on,
follow the images they offer / look out the window
watch the news / smoke a cigarette

Do you think we have hope?

What if we touch the power of the big and serene Capitals

Will we be massacred again? Will there be another Reagan, another Bush? Another 8 years?
Do you think so? Me too.
But let’s agree to turn off the televisions at the same time
we are so many in the same page / we are the 99%

More than something could happen.
More than something.
Wait, specific instructions are on the way.